LOVEFEST is a conference for YOUTH and ADULTS - people of all ages from 11 years old on up. LOVEFEST provides the best speakers and experts on the topics of Sex, Abstinence, Love, Relationships, Suicide, Depression, Addiction and so much more. Today's Topical Issues facing us in today's society will be addressed.

We regret to announce that LOVEFEST 2017 is being postponed! We have a great following and some great speakers signed up, however, due to several unforeseen challenges, we will not have LOVEFEST Transformed until Feb 10, 2018. We will be back next year BIGGER AND BETTER!! Stay tuned for more upcoming information in the month ahead! Thanks for your support of this amazing ministry and we'll see you in 2018!!



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LOVEFEST is an annual youth + adult event known as the place to join with experts in a fun, cool, comfortable setting in order to talk tough about pressing issues facing us all every day.

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